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How often does my septic tank need to be checked?

  • A gravity fed septic system needs to be checked every 3 years.
  • A pressurized septic system needs to be checked every year.
  • If there is a screen outlet baffle on either system, it needs to be checked annually and the screen cleaned.

My alarm is going off! Does my septic tank need to be pumped?

No.  The alarm means that your pump or your float for your pump is not working properly.

The alarm has nothing to do with the septic tank - only the pump station.

(The tank will be checked to see if it needs to be pumped at the same time as the service for the alarm is performed.)

How do you locate sewer lines and drain fields?

We send an electronic transmitter down the lines and have a wand that will pick up a signal.

Why do I need risers?

Risers gives us access to the septic tank.  If there is a problem, we are able to come out, remove the lid and take care of the problem.

If you don't have risers and have a problem (most of the time it will be raining when this happens), then we have to dig up your yard, resulting in a dirty, muddy mess.

(Risers help everybody!  Pumpers, inspectors, maintenance workers and drain cleaners!)

  • Having risers will save you money, too!  Excavation to inspect or service your tank is expensive!